PortfolioCenter 5.6 is the last version that supports any edition of Windows XP.  If you’ve been dragging your feet, now is the time to upgrade.

PortfolioCenter 5.8 is coming soon.  If you skipped 5.7, you probably don’t want to skip the next release.  Promised in PortfolioCenter 5.8:

New enhancements include the ability to create and customize individual pages within Presentation Studio, taking the already dynamic capabilities of Client Presentations even further. You can customize pages from the ground up, or leverage our library of sample pages for inspiration. Either way, the increased flexibility gives you new ways to show clients how you’re managing their investments—allowing for more effective communication and underscoring the value that your firm provides.

If you need to upgrade your hardware as well as your operating system, make sure you buy a computer that’s optimized for running PortfolioCenter and you know which operating systems support PortfolioCenter and which operating systems do not.

If you suspect you have unusual configuration needs or you are unsure of your system requirements, run through Schwab Performance Technologies’s systems requirements interview.

If you need help upgrading, try one of these articles from How to Geek:

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