Let us manage the data, so you can manage the money.

Let us manage the data, so you can manage the money!

Will outsourcing PortfolioCenter work for you?

If you are reading this, you’re probably tired of hiring and training yet another person on PortfolioCenter.  Or you've run out of time to handle the program yourself.  Or you're starting your own practice and need to offload some of … [Read More...]

How to use the PortfolioCenter Account Transfer bulk upload

PortfolioCenter brought us the ability to upload a CSV to select multiple accounts in the Transfer Wizard. The most common reason to need a bulk upload is a client as dropped and you need to empty all the accounts. It can be … [Read More...]

How to run the Realized Gain report for all taxable accounts

The easiest way to run the realized gain/loss report for all taxable accounts is to create a batch print job. After that you only need to update your settings each year. Create Batch Print Job Assuming you have a set of your taxable accounts, … [Read More...]

How to handle a double income reclassification

If you keep cost basis in PortfolioCenter reconciled to your broker, February means income reclassifications. Due to complicated IRS rules and regulations, fund companies may need to adjust dividends already paid when they close their books at the … [Read More...]

Billing Client Accounts to the Client’s Greatest Benefit

The complexity and progressive nature of our tax system offers a host of different types of savings accounts which are all taxed differently. Because they are all treated differently, investment managers can bring clients greater savings by carefully … [Read More...]

How to answer ADV Item 5F using PortfolioCenter

Most managers spend March updating and filing their Form ADV with the SEC.  It's due by March 31 with the prior year's information. Wondering how to get the information out of PortfolioCenter?  Here's one example. Item 5 Information … [Read More...]

Dividing a database

Eventually your PortfolioCenter database will grow too large. It's a data graveyard: Data goes in but never comes out. At some point you may want to create a database to archive dropped clients and keep it separate from your production database. … [Read More...]

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