PortfolioCenter Support

Back Office Outsourcing - Krisan's BackOffice
We maintain accurate PortfolioCenter data for our managers. In addition to pristine data, we free your time, so you can take your business to the next level, knowing we have your back.

We offer complete PortfolioCenter management, including:

Database management

  • Getting you started right, with the proper defaults and choices that match your practice
  • Downloading, posting and reconciling data from the interfaces daily
  • Coding new securities so they reflect your asset allocations
  • Creating new client accounts and groups to conform to your defaults and choices
  • Researching and resolving problem transactions, partial or non-postable transactions
  • Resolving pricing and security problems
  • Properly handling corporate actions such as splits, mergers and spin-offs
  • Creating sets, models, targets, custom fields, etc. so you can easily access the information you need
  • Helping you manage and maintain cost basis reconciliation
  • Alerting you when Schwab Performance Technologies adds new features that might benefit your practice

Quarterly Reporting

  • Processing monthly portfolio and asset intervals for quarterly performance reports
  • Updating report settings, batch jobs and print jobs to generate the reports you want in the order you prefer
  • Generating clients reports containing your customized settings
  • Generating tax reports annually and as needed for tax planing
  • Sending you monthly global summaries reports so you can see at a glance how your portfolios are doing
  • Preparing reports to be uploaded individually to a client website or sent to clients via email
  • Adding your logo, table of contents page and/or commentary page to your reports
  • Additionally, if you need something extra for a client meeting, with advance notice I can generate the extra reports
  • Alerting you when Schwab Performance Technologies adds new reports that might benefit your practice

Client Billing

  • Generating client invoices
  • Setting billing parameters to match your billing formulas
  • Assigning billing specs, forms and billing start dates for each client
  • Creating prorated parameters for new clients as needed
  • Generating files for uploading quarterly management fees to Schwab