Frequently Asked Questions


How do I sign up?

Contact us to request a getting started packet.

What do your services cost?

Contact us to request a current fee schedule and list of references.

Am I a good candidate for outsourcing?

Read Krisan’s blog posts on outsourcing.

How fast is your turnaround?

For completely downloaded accounts, we send reports by the 3rd business day of the month. If you use index figures on your reports or have accounts which require manual entry, we send reports within 2 business days of receiving the index figures or the last of the manual information.

Can I choose my reports?

We can design a package of text and graphical performance reports that is complete, straightforward and easy-to-read. You pick the reports that meet your clients’ needs. Typically, we send global summary reports monthly, and client reports and invoices quarterly. Or if you prefer, we’ll provide the data and you produce the reports in-house.

Can you help me be paper-free?

Yes! You may receive your reports:

  • as a PDF for each client household — best for emailing to clients
  • each report as its own PDF — best for uploading to your client vault
  • as a single PDF file — best for data archiving or in-house printing on paper
  • or some combination of the above

How long have you been working with PortfolioCenter?

I have worked with PortfolioCenter (then called Centerpiece) and the Schwab Performance Technologies since 1992, when there were only 7 employees in the company.

Given the wide-range of needs of my managers, we use every aspect of the program and reports. Additionally, we have special access to advanced technical support representatives at Schwab Performance Technologies and several of the brokerage houses.

How often do you backup my data?

We run a backup daily and a full backup weekly — which is stored off-site. In addition, we also have a copy of your data on our server, and a copy on a non-production hard drive. So in addition to the working copy of your data, we have 4 current backups at any given time.

How do I access my PortfolioCenter database?

We maintain the master copy of the database on our computer system, this allows us to remain responsible for its accuracy. If you prefer to work with your database in your office, we can transmit the data to you automatically via a secure website.

What activities can I outsource?

You can outsource everything related to the production of your data and reports. This includes downloading, posting, month-end processing, backup, error checking, reconciliation, and problem resolution. Additionally, you will no longer need to hire, train or supervise staff to handle your PortfolioCenter database.

Do I need to be a licensed owner of PortfolioCenter?

Yes, you must be a licensed owner of the software.

Do you have a policy on confidentiality

Krisan’s BackOffice, Inc. agrees to keep all information about clients of its managers confidential. View a copy of our confidentiality statement.

Do you provide manual data entry?

The most cost-effective and accurate way to retrieve your data is through electronic methods. However, for information not available through downloading, we will accept a limited number (10 or less) of accounts for manual entry.

What should I put in my SEC disclosures about working with you?

Example Information Access Disclosure: Access to client portfolio data has been granted to Krisan’s BackOffice, Inc. for the purpose of preparing performance and other analytical reports for Company, Inc. Krisan’s BackOffice, Inc. has no discretionary authority for any client accounts of our Firm.

Is PortfolioCenter GIPS compliant?

The Global Investment Performance Standards (GIPS) are a set of ethical principles used by investment management firms to establish a globally standardized, industry-wide approach to creating performance presentations that communicate investment results to prospective clients. The GIPS standards were based on and preceded in North America by AIMR Performance Presentation Standards.

Many investment professions strive for and claim GIPS compliance in order to gain and maintain customers and assets. Firms with investment assets under management that adhere to all the required elements of the GIPS can claim compliance with the standards when presenting their performance record.

On the other hand, software vendors such as Schwab Performance Technologies (the producer of PortfolioCenter), and third-party consultants, such as Krisan’s BackOffice, Inc. (KBO) cannot make a claim of compliance unless they actually manage the assets for which they are making the claim of compliance.

In other words, PortfolioCenter software and KBO make available the tools to adhere to the GIPS and to make a claim of compliance. However, the program cannot be said to be GIPS compliant because it is only software, and KBO cannot be said to be GIPS compliant because it is a third-party consultant.

What reports does PortfolioCenter produce?

PortfolioCenter offers more than 70 standard client reports which can be customized to meet your needs. Visit the Performance Technologies website to view sample reports.

How much does PortfolioCenter cost?

PortfolioCenter is worth the cost! In addition to the standard license, PortfolioCenter offers an Emerging Practice license for firms with 100 accounts or less. When you add your 101st account, you must upgrade to the standard license. Check with Performance Technologies for current pricing as all prices are subject to change.