Q.From PortfolioCenter, how can I run a report based on a holding?  I’d like to be able to see which clients have that holding and what percent of their account(s) it represents. Then, I’d like to be able to export it into excel in order to edit and create trade files.

A.The Cross Reference by Security Report should give you want you need.  It may still take some editing, but should be quicker than cutting and pasting.

  • Open PortfolioCenter and select the Global Reports Tab.
  • Click on Holdings Reports on the left hand side and select Cross-Reference by Security
  • Set your “As of Date” on the right hand side.
  • Change the Settings to select the security of your choice, OK.
  • Run the report.
  • Click the “disk button” in the upper left corner to save the report as a CSV file.
  • Open the saved CSV file in a spreadsheet.

The default version of the Cross Reference by Security report looks like this:


You will probably want to change the settings so that the report contains information more suited for your purposes.

For instance, you could reformat it to look like this:


It’s not a perfect export system, but it should get you closer than starting from scratch.

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