Q. I’m not able to figure out why a yield does not show up on the Portfolio Statement for a particular Vanguard fund. The yield is about 4%  and the report shows 0%. I checked the security data and have all the information in accurately. Can you help?

A.Good question.  A zero yield on the Portfolio Statement can be a mystery. If all your security data is correct, check the following:

  • Was there any income during the time the client held this position? PortfolioCenter needs at least one interest payment to figure the yield.
  • Check the performance inception date. If there have been interest payments but the performance inception date is set after those payments that would make the yield zero.
  • Double check the security settings and the tax fields in the account.
  • If none of these resolve the issue, call the friendly folks at Schwab Performance Technologies 1-800-525-9595

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