Q. I’d like to run a report which shows the number of accounts lost year.  If I could include the dollar amount lost that would be even better.  Do you know any way to retrieve this information from PortfolioCenter?

A. If you practice good housekeeping in PortfolioCenter, grabbing this information is fairly easy.  In this case, “good housekeeping” means:

  • Never ever delete an account.
  • Empty closed accounts of any remaining assets or residual cash balances.
  • Consistently check the “Closed” field on dropped accounts and make sure the Date Closed field is appropriate.

With this data in place, create a Smart Set of accounts closed after a certain date or within a certain date range.

Then run the Global Performance Summary on the time period you are interested in and the set of closed accounts during that same time period.  The summary information at the bottom of the report will give you the

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