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When you batch print to PDF by portfolio, PortfolioCenter name the file using the account number and the creation date.  For long term archiving or uploading to a client vault, you would probably prefer to use the quarter end date rather than the creation date — especially since quarterly reports may be run or re-run many days after the quarter ends.

Manually renaming the PDF files after PortfolioCenter creates them is tedious and error-prone. What can you do if you’re not a programmer?  Here’s a quick method for creating a batch file that will rename the reports generated by a PortfolioCenter batch print job.

  • Create your batch print job and run a test to make sure your settings are correct and confirm the naming convention of the reports are “AccountNumber_Date.pdf”.  PortfolioCenter formats the date as mmddyyyy (month, day, year).

NOTE:  If the set you use for your Batch Print Job includes groups, I strongly recommend create a numbering system for your groups.  If a portfolio or group does not have an account number, the PortfolioCenter will use internal ID instead.  But this internal id makes it difficult to trouble shoot your reports.

  • Run the Global report List of Portfolio Accounts global report on the set you ran the batch print job, making sure you include the Account Number.  Save this report to a csv format.
  • Open the csv file you just saved in a spreadsheet. (I’ve found Open Office Calc opens cleaner than Microsoft Excel.)  Sort by account number and delete the heading rows.
  • Format your spreadsheet so it contains the following columns in the following order:
[table style=”1″]
Column 1: “Rename ” with a space after rename
Column 2: the account number.  (You may need to use Trim to remove extra spaces.)
Column 3: the date as it appears in the file name with an underscore in front and .pdf with a space after the “f” (for example: _10072012.pdf )
Column 4: the account number
Column 5: the date as you want it to appear in the file name with an underscore in front of the date and .pdf after it with no extra space (for example: _09302012.pdf)

When you’re done, save the file as .csv file.

  • Open the txt file in notepad or your favorite text editor, use search and replace to replace the commas with a space.  Adjust any formatting errors if needed.  Your file should look something like this:

[note]rename 0293_10072012.pdf   0293_09302012.pdf
rename 0316_10072012.pdf   0316_09302012.pdf
rename 0333_10072012.pdf  0333_09302012.pdf
rename 0339_10072012.pdf  0339_09302012.pdf[/note]

  • Save and rename the file to a .bat or .cmd (for example: rename the file.txt to file.bat)
  • Place this file into the directory with your finished reports.
  • Double click on it and it should rename the files with the preferred date.

Next time you need it, update your client list, use a search and replace to change the creation date and the new quarter end date.


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