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The ending values on a Performance report and a Portfolio Holdings report for the same client don’t match.  Now what?

1)  Check the obvious. 

  • Are you running the reports on the same ending date?
  • Are you using the same portfolio or group?
  • Are you running on the same time period?

2) Re-run the interval calculations.

Here’s why interval calculations usually solve this problem:  For Holdings reports, PortfolioCenter generates the ending value by computing price times quantity as the report is processed.  This is why you can run Holding reports “as of” any date for which you have prices.

For Performance reports, PortfolioCenter uses the values stored from calculating the intervals.  Since a month is typically the smallest time period on which you should calculate intervals, Performance reports only run from month-end to month-end.  If no intervals have been computed for that the month, the Performance report will not generate, even if the account has data.

If you post a new transaction which adjusts the month-end value after calculating the intervals, running a fresh Holdings reports will capture the updated value.  But a fresh Performance report will continue to reflect the old value until you re-calculate the intervals for the month.

I recommend computing the intervals for the past two months at the end of every month to make sure you catch any changes.  But remember the data changes every day.  Since you can recompute intervals on Monday — and Tuesday they may need updating again –, it’s a good idea to re-run intervals just before producing client reports to make sure all changes have been captured and processed.

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Photo taken by Charolotte L and used here under Flickr Creative Commons.