If you’re starting your own practice, you may think outsourcing is a luxury you can’t afford.  Actually, it’s a necessity.

I enjoy working with managers who are those striking out on their own, because I bring so much value to the table.  With 20+ years of PortfolioCenter expertise,

  • I know which reports are most popular with clients;
  • I’ve seen which reports confuse clients;
  • I can decipher “strange but true” returns;
  • I’ve been through numerous SEC audits;
  • and most importantly I know how to guarantee accurate data to produce accurate returns and reports.

Having this expertise on your team means you don’t have to learn as much the hard way and you can focus on growing your business.

But you don’t have to take my word for it.  Read Andrew Osterland’s article in Investment News interviewing David John Marotta of Marotta Wealth Management (my husband — who by the way is the smartest man I know) about how outsourcing helped him grow his business.

The most important thing that enabled Mr. Marotta to build his business — he now has 170 clients and more than $200 million in assets under management — was his willingness to outsource functions peripheral to the investment management and financial planning he does for clients. “It has allowed me to focus on building my practice and on servicing clients,” he said. “You can’t outsource those kinds of things.”

Like most entrepreneurs, his instinct was originally to do more himself in order to save money. He said he soon realized that the more he tried to do on his own, the less he accomplished in terms of expanding his business.

“Penny-wise and pound-foolish,” Mr. Marotta said. “I think it’s a mistake many financial advisers make. They don’t want to spend money, but they fail to realize the opportunity cost of doing more things themselves, and not focusing on building their firm.”

Why not outsource to an expert?