How to add a manual disclaimer to PortfolioCenter reports

Q. We have some manual accounts that typically get updated later than our downloaded data.  We’d like to run all our quarterly reports at once and just note that manual information may not be accurate.  Is there a way to do that in PortfolioCenter without putting the notice on reports for clients who do not have manual data?

A. Sure is.  You can accomplish this in three easy steps.

To add the disclaimer to the PortfolioCenter traditional reports:

First, create the disclaimer.  On the main menu, Settings, Report Disclaimers, New.  It may look something like this.


Second,  add the disclaimer you just created to the Settings Tab for each portfolio or group that has manual accounts.


Third, for each report you’d like the manual disclaimer to appear, check the “Use Portfolio Disclaimer” box in the report settings.


Adding a manual disclaimer to Presentation Studio reports is a bit more complicated.  The process works the same was as adding an footer to the bill for clients who may by check.

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Photo taken by Bess Sadler and used here under Flickr Creative Commons.