Q.I found this example Overview (pictured above) from PortfolioCenter’s Presentation Studio on the Schwab Performance Technologies website.  I would like to duplicate it in my data.  Can you tell me how?

A.Sure!  I assume you know the basics of working with Presentation Studio.  If not, watch the “Creating and Customizing Presentations in PortfolioCenter” video on the Schwab Performance Technologies website.

Here are the basic steps:

  • Open Presentation Studio
  • Under Pages, Right Click and select New Page
  • Navigate through the choices to find: Three Pane Right Stacked Layout
  • Give your page a title
  • Set the Theme to your favorite theme
  • Change default to Landscape

Next, drag the following elements to the following places:

  • Left Pane – Asset Allocation Chart & Table
  • Top Right – Components of Change Table
  • Bottom Right – Performance vs Benchmarks Table
  • Save your new page

Now add your new page to your desired Presentation or create a new Presentation for it.  At this point, you can make the rest of the customizations.

  • Change default to Landscape if necessary)
  • Change the Graph Size 2;25 (depending on your theme and font choices, you may want a smaller or larger graph; play with the size until it works)
  • Graph Position:  Above Legend
  • The performance format in the example is 14.
  • Customize the date ranges and footers to your preferences

I would suggest replacing the “Components of Change” title with Performance Snapshot and omitting the title about the returns.  In my experience, clients find the term “components of change” confusing.

Save your presentation, test it on a few clients and your good to go!

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