Posting some transactions in your interface may produce an error.  Here are some of the most common interface error messages and suggestions for how to handle them.

Error Message Likely Cause What to do
Above transaction not coded PortfolioCenter does not recognize the activity code in the transaction. Scroll to the comment field to see if you can determine the correct activity.  Then change the activity and post.  If you can’t figure it out, call your broker for help.
Duplicate transaction exists on this date You have two identical transactions Usually this occurs when there are multiple buys of an individual equity on the same day.  These you can post anyway.

If the transaction truly is an extraneous duplicate, then block the transaction.

Money ID does not exist Either the Money ID is blank or new Enter an existing money id (e.g. MMF, CASH, etc.) or create the new one.
No market value on transaction Missing the market value on a transaction Usually this occurs because the price on the trade date is missing.  Prices tend to be missing when a transaction with a new security is backdated.  Post the missing price and then enter the market value.

The other common cause is the security is now worthless and you can post the transaction as is.

No matching trade found to cancel To cancel a trade, every field in the cancel transaction (activity type, account number, symbol, date, quantity, amount, fees, etc) must be  identical to the original transaction.  If not, you’ll see this error. Figure out what is happening in reality and then adjust the transaction accordingly.
No matching account found Usually this means you have a new account that has not yet been created in PortfolioCenter. Check the Portfolio Tab for the new account and post it.  Or manually create it.
Posting this transaction will make the trade lot less than zero There are not enough shares to sell or transfer. Typically this error results from rounding differences in fractional shares.  If that’s the case, change the number of decimals on the transaction to match PortfolioCenter.

The other cause could be a data entry error which will take some investigation.

Security not defined

Symbol is invalid

You have create a new security. OR

The symbol field is blank OR

You’re looking at a temporary symbol used during corporate actions.

For new or blank securities, create the new symbol or fill in the blank.

For corporate actions, figure out what is happening in reality and adjust the transaction accordingly. (Sorry, there are two many variables here for any generic answer.)

Split ratio is less than or equal to zero The split ratio is not a whole number. Find the split ratio and enter it.
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