Some transactions are suspect and should be checked before posting regardless of which broker sends them.  If you are unsure, block the transaction and call Tech Support for more information.

Transaction Action Explanation
Journals Always re-code Journals are always something else in reality.  Posting them can corrupt your performance returns.  Figure how what’s really happening and change the transaction accordingly.
Name change
Usually block It’s better to change the name of the stock in the securities field or follow the merger/spinoff procedures depending on the situation.  Using receipts/transfers to handle a name change corrupts the cost basis and may affect performance.
Credit/Debit Always check before posting Credits and debits should be checked to see what is happening in reality.  They may or may not need to be re-coded depending on the situation.  Credits/Debits are used for spinoffs, mergers, or exchanges, but often you want to block these transactions and use the Transaction Wizard instead.
Receipt/Transfer Always check before posting Like credits/debits, receipts/transfers may or may not need to be re-coded.  Receipts/Transfers are used for securities moved in/out of accounts. But some brokers use them for name changes, corporate actions and corrections — all of which should be handled differently.
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