Has the size of your PortfolioCenter database exploded while response time has slowed to a crawl?  Try removing old interface files, particularly the Cost Basis Reconciliation files.

One of my databases shrank by a whopping 46% and response time dramatically improved – just by cleaning the cost basis reconciliation files.  Check my before & after screenshots of the size:

[table style=”1″]
Database Size Before


Database Size After



Before you start the deleting files, make sure you have posted and reconciled all downloaded files and backed up your database.

If you’re anxious about removing Cost Basis files, keep only the end of month Cost Basis Reconciliation Files (or the last Friday of the month if your broker is Fidelity) and/or use the feature to archive downloaded files.

After scrubbing old files, make sure you reindex your database.

And, if you removed a large number of files (e.g. spanning more than a quarter), you may want to Shrink your database as well.

For step-by-step instructions, see:  Interface File Maintenance

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