December 2012 brought PortfolioCenter users a cost basis Christmas present!  These improvements slipped in so quietly during the year-end rush, you may have missed them.

  • The closing transactions in the Schwab, Fidelity, TD Ameritrade, and Pershing transaction files now include the actual matching methods used by the custodian.
  • For Schwab managers, it’s even better.  Closing transactions in the Schwab interfaces files that use the Selected matching method now automatically close the appropriate lots.

Note: The matching methods reported in each closing transaction override the default matching methods set in the Portfolio Details screen.

I’ve been watching these for problems and bugs with these enhancements and am happy to report — NOTHING!  So far, so good!

To take advantage of these features, you must be using the latest version of PortfolioCenter.

Thanks to the friendly folks at Schwab PT for making our cost basis lives easier!