Dollars and Coins

Three Schwab money market symbols in PortfolioCenter have the same default symbol as three securities.  If you buy one of the funds, your trades may mistakenly appear as a cash transaction in the downloads.

If you have been using PortfolioCenter since the pre-email stone age (like me), you may already worked around this issue by mapping the security symbol of the fund to the CUSIP.  Now there’s an easier way.

The problem symbols are:

[note]CAF = Schwab CA Tax-Free Fund = Morgan Stanley China Fd (617468103)
GSP = Schwab Govt Securities Fund GSP = iPath S&P GSCI Total Return (06738C794)
TEF = Schwab Tax Exempt Fund TEF = Telefonica (879382208 )[/note]

Here’s how to prevent the problem.

Step 1 Change the money market symbols in PortfolioCenter

Open PortfolioCenter | Securities | Cash and Money Funds
Change the symbols CAF, GSP and/or TEF to something else (e.g. CAFXX, GSPXX or TEFXX)

Step 2 Go to equities and correct the symbols

Open PortfolioCenter | Securities | Equitites
Change 617468103 to CAF; 06738C794 to GSP; 879382208 to TEF

Step 3 Correct your Securities mapping table

Open PortfolioCenter | Interefaces | Schwab Interface | Settings | Paths & Assignments | Security Codes
Click on Symbol to sort the list by symbol.
Search the list for CAF.  Make sure it is mapped to the Equity.
Repeat for GSP & TEF
OK to save your changes

If you have problem transactions, you’ll need to edit them before posting.

If you don’t have problem transactions and do not own any of these three funds, you may still want to change the symbol on these three money funds as a preventative.

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