Let us manage the data, so you can manage the money.

Let us manage the data, so you can manage the money!

Are you a good candidate for outsourcing? Part 1

Will outsourcing PortfolioCenter work for you?

If you are reading this, you’re probably tired of hiring and training yet another person on PortfolioCenter.  Or you've run out of time to handle the program yourself.  Or you're starting your own practice and need to offload some of the necessary … [Read More...]


What is PortfolioCenter Hosted?

PortfolioCenter Hosted offers a private web application.  With PortfolioCenter Hosted, you are still running PortfolioCenter's desktop version but you run it on your own private cloud.  While most web applications are able to handle lots of … [Read More...]


Ace acquisition of Chubb

On January 19, 2015 ACE Limited (ACE) completed its acquisition Chubb Corporation (CB). Investors received 0.6019 of ACE common shares and $62.93 in cash per share of Chubb. The wrinkle in the entering this transaction in PortCenter is that ACE … [Read More...]


Using Groups and Sets in PortfolioCenter

What's the difference between a Group and a Set in PortfolioCenter? Group = reporting unit A Group is a collection of accounts usually related by family and typically a unit that you'd like to see on one report.  For one family you might have any … [Read More...]


Cost basis adjusted, now what?

You receive this message from your broker with a list of accounts, dates and dividends: "Cost Basis Adjusted.  No Action Required. The following accounts' cost basis was adjusted due to an action such as return of capital." The notice may say "no … [Read More...]


How to delete billing history in PortfolioCenter

PortfolioCenter 5.10 offers some nice new billing features.  My favorite: You can now globally clean up the billing history! I've been asking for this ability for a long time because it's easy to get the billing history out of sync with the actual … [Read More...]


How do I create a custom Overview in Presentation Studio?

I found this example Overview (pictured above) from PortfolioCenter's Presentation Studio on the Schwab Performance Technologies website.  I would like to duplicate it in my data.  Can you tell me how? Sure!  I assume you know the basics of … [Read More...]

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