Let us manage the data, so you can manage the money.

Let us manage the data, so you can manage the money!

Are you a good candidate for outsourcing? Part 1

Will outsourcing PortfolioCenter work for you?

If you are reading this, you’re probably tired of hiring and training yet another person on PortfolioCenter.  Or you've run out of time to handle the program yourself.  Or you're starting your own practice and need to offload some of the necessary … [Read More...]


Outsourcing a necessity for new advisors

If you're starting your own practice, you may think outsourcing is a luxury you can't afford.  Actually, it's a necessity. I enjoy working with managers who are those striking out on their own, because I bring so much value to the table.  With 20+ … [Read More...]


Time Warner Cable merger with Charter Communication Inc

On May 18, 2016, Charter Communications, Inc. (CHTR) merged with Time Warner Cable Inc (TWR).  If you have clients that held CHTR prior to the merger you need to handle this stock split a little differently. What happened For each share held of TWC … [Read More...]


Schwab statement changes: what you need to know

Starting with the July 2016 statements (mailed in August 2016), Schwab will send monthly statements only for accounts where there is "qualifying activity". Otherwise they will send quarterly statements. You should be prepared for clients to call … [Read More...]


How do I find a stock’s date of death value?

When a client passes away, most likely you'll be asked for the valuation of the estate on the date of death.  Can you retrieve this information from PortfolioCenter? Yes and no.  PortfolioCenter can tell you the number of shares of every position … [Read More...]


SEC Audit: How to save your fee file

During the last two SEC Audits I "enjoyed" with my managers, the SEC Auditors requested a spreadsheet containing the "value of each client's account at end of period that was used for purposes of calculating its advisory fee for the most recent … [Read More...]


How to install PortfolioCenter

Installing PortfolioCenter is fairly straightforward, but what if your client database is not called "PortfolioCenter"?  Perhaps you're merging businesses with another manager or you outsource PortfolioCenter and your database is called something … [Read More...]

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